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    Did you know? 60 cents of every dollar in Pierce and Thurston county is generated by the military. Learn more important stats about the South Sound market by downloading our e-book:

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    Our local military community represents $3.2 billion in annual payroll...

    Joint Base


    JBLM is the 7th largest city in Washington and approximately 20% of the military community live on base. JBLM is the largest base in the Western United States. JBLM accounts more than 136,124 soldiers, employees and contractors to the area.


    Madigan Hospital

    One of the largest military hospitals in the world, Madigan sees over 1 million patients each year. Its growth stems from Western Washington having one of the largest retired military communities in the world.

  • Military Households

    • Average military household income: $80,000
    • 37% higher discretionary income than the national average
    • Average Home Value: $312,000

    JBLM in Numbers

    • JBLM is the largest employer in Pierce County, representing $3.2 billion in annual payroll. 
    • Direct defense spending in Washington averages $7.92 billion per year. 
    • JBLM supports 136,124 soldiers, airmen, dependents, employees and contractors plus more than 117,971 retirees. 

    Our Readers

    • 79% of JBLM employed residents feel the support of their local community is good or very good. 
    • 66% JBLM-connected families are married, with children. This is 7% higher than the national average. 
    • Average age of military retirees guaranteed a pension for life is 42-years-old. 

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    Valor Advertising produces the Washington Military Resource Media, the most revolutionary connection to grow your business sales, expand brand awareness and reach a market that accounts for more than 60 cents of every dollar spent in Pierce County.


    For the last 29 years, the Washington Military Resource Media has provided advertising opportunities to connect local business from Olympia to Seattle with the active duty, retired, veteran and civil service community. Our trusted and time-tested local relationships allow us to build that connection in ways that no other resource can.


    The key to success in any business is attracting qualified and loyal customers. We offer unique and consistent exposure to a niche market that represents more than $3.2 billion in annual payroll and 37 percent more disposable income than the civilian population.


    The reality is, if you're not actively advertising to the military market with an intelligent strategy, you're missing a huge opportunity.


  • Products

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    The military community's homepage., WaMilitary.com features a revamped search engine, a community and events page, a jobs page, and more resources for every member of the entire military community in WA,. Why wouldn't you position your business to this audience?

    The Military Resource Directory


    Millions of copies of our directory have been printed and distributed in our 37 years of business. This resource is wanted, needed, used and most importantly, the community keep it as part of their offices and homes.

    Our WaMilitary Mobile App


    Your business will be listed on our mobile app, which provides the military community the resources they need on an easy-to-use platform.

    Amazon Alexa

    The Newest Technology

    Voice technology will be in 10s of millions of homes in the coming years. Leading the charge is the Amazon Alexa, and our Ask Uncle Sam military resource is the first of its kind to hit the market. Strategically position your business with a first-to-market product.

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